Why do you need a VPN?

A VPN ensures you protect yourself online and surf the web with no restrictions.

The internet is not going anywhere. A recent 2019 study by Hootsuite and We Are Social, found that we’re spending on average almost 7 hours each day online.

That’s a lot of time, almost a third of our entire day is spent in front of a screen. What’s more, the recent pandemic exacerbated this number by at least a few hours, since a lot of people were stuck at home and had to use the internet to work, learn, shop and entertain themselves. Spending so much time online, you would at least like a secure and convenient experience, right? Well, you can have that and more if you use a VPN.

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Be secure online

A lot of the Internet is secure, trustworthy and regulated, but there are also a lot of darker corners of the web that are full of spam, viruses and other malicious entities that are just waiting to get something useful out of you. Even if you are a competent Internet user, sometimes all it takes is one mistake for one of these attackers to infect your device or for you to lose important information.

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A VPN can help you stave off these dangers in a variety of ways. First of all, a VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the website, app or any other entity you are trying to connect to. This means that all of your Internet traffic is encrypted, securely transferred and only then decrypted. Secondly, some of the leading VPN providers now offer ad and malware blocking capabilities, meaning that even if you visit a suspicious website, the software will simply block any spam or malware that tries to connect to your device. Finally, VPNs mask your location, making any obtained information far less traceable and far less usable in general.

Be a citizen of the world

Although the Internet is supposed to be that one thing that is equally available to everyone, no matter who you are, what’s your social status, the great equalizer of information, it is far from that. Companies and governments limit what people can access depending on their geographic location. Media companies have special distribution rights for shows, movies, music and any other intellectual property. Governments, especially dictatorships, limit the flow of information to control the masses and quell any uprisings before they even have a chance to get started.

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A VPN is the perfect tool to access all and any information you feel you want or need in your daily life. Can’t find that new show or movie on Netflix? It’s very possible that Netflix has it in a different country. Want to see a Hulu original, but live outside of the US? Just set your location to the USA and subscribe to Hulu. Want to get a different perspective of the world, but live under a dictatorship? Cloak your IP with a VPN and access all of the information your government is trying to cover up.
It all at best falls into a grey area, why would an arbitrary place on a map matter?

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Be a smart, tech savvy shopper

Tying into the previous paragraph, companies try to extract as much money from you as humanly possible. The advent of e-commerce has created some interesting ways of them doing this and the most common is price discrimination. Have you ever noticed that if you repeatedly search for the same plane ticket the price starts going up? Or that a specific service or product is significantly cheaper in another country? This is what companies do, they adjust their pricing according to a country’s buying power and specific behaviours we do online.

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Obviously you can give these corporations a taste of their own medicine with a little research and a VPN. All you need to do is to find a product or service that you want (works best with online services), click around on different countries in your VPN client and buy from a country that offers the best price. You could be saving 30% or more with just these few steps alone.

It’s a necessity

A VPN is pretty much a necessity nowadays. Cyber crime is estimated to cost over $6 trillion annually by 2021, digital content is being blocked left and right, and online ads are becoming unbearable.

A VPN encrypts your sensitive information, cloaks your location, blocks spam and malicious websites. Also, with a bit of research a VPN can save you a ton of money on entertainment, shopping and travel.

Lastly, most if not all of VPN providers offer a money back guarantee, if you try a VPN and don’t like it, you can always get your money back.

There’s really no excuse for you not to be using a VPN, it pays for itself in savings, security and general peace of mind.

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