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Do you know what a VPN can do for you and your online gaming? If you’re lagging hard in the final circles? Games are super expensive where you live? Perhaps it’s time to get a VPN. A VPN or Virtual private network will provide you stable ping and reduce your latency to enhance your gaming experience and grant you access to other markets and get better deals. GameGrumps recommends his fans NordVPN as his favorite and brought them 63% off the 2-year plan. With more than 5500 high-speed servers across the globe that NordVPN offers.

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NordVPN GameGrumps Deal

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About GameGrumps:​

GameGrumps is an American gaming collaboration channel founded by YouTubers Jonathan Aryan Jafari  (JonTronShow), and Arin Joseph Hanson (Egoraptor). The channel primarily produces Let’s Play videos or gaming videos. The channel has grown since its creation and now harbors multiple segments, including Game Grumps, Game Grumps VS, Steam Train, Steam Rolled, and Grumpcade.

NordVPN pricing page
NordVPN pricing page
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Why NordVPN GameGrumps is highly recommended?

I personally use a VPN whenever I’m connecting to my banking apps, cryptocurrency accounts, and especially when I’m on public Wi-Fi, but there are way more benefits than NordVPN offers besides online privacy and protection;

Enhance your browsing experience: NordVPN provides you access to the internet in different regions worldwide with more than 5500 high-speed servers in 59 countries; this can be very handy if you’d like to stream your favorite TV shows and movies or geo-restricted content.  

Online safety: Once you connect to a VPN server, everything happening between you and the website/app you’re visiting will be fully encrypted, meaning no one (Neither ISP nor hackers) will be able to see or track your data, but if you’re not using a VPN then all of your search queries will be logged by default somewhere out there in your ISP servers.