Kara and Nate Recommend Surfshark VPN - Get the Coupon Now

Youtubers Kara and Nate – married couple and travel buddies from Nashville, Tennessee. Having traveled to 100 countries by 2020, they have been documenting all their journeys by making vlogs. Kara and Nate’s travel videos are now being shared on their channel with over 3 million subscribers.

As Kara and Nate are non-stop traveling themselves, they have gathered a bunch of useful tips which could help future travelers too. One of them – is the use of a VPN. Kara and Nate have mentioned that they use VPNs not only to secure their data when connected to public WiFi networks but also – to access geo-blocked or censored websites, which may be blocked while being abroad. Here comes their recommendation, Surfshark VPN, which safeguards the online connection and users’ data for the best price.

Kara and Nate Youtube Channel

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VPN Explained

Virtual Private Network, or so-called VPN, is an internet security software that ensures a safe and secure internet browsing experience. As your traffic is sent through different servers, the traffic is encrypted and the IP address changes. VPN protects your online connection by privatizing it but also can unlock geo-restricted websites or governmental censorship. Also, with a virtual private network, you can get the best deals while online shopping, access streaming platforms that may be blocked in specific regions, and of course – steer clear from tracking.

Why Choose Surfshark

Surfshark VPN has a strict no-logs policy and offers an auto-connect and the most up-to-date encryption. As an industry-leading security provider, this VPN offers you more than 3200 servers worldwide to choose from. Apart from that, Surfshark has specialized P2P servers, solely dedicated to torrenting. This Virtual Private Network includes the latest technical features like a built-in kill-switch, ad-blocker, and GPS spoofer for Android users. To make sure you have a smooth user experience anytime, Surfshark VPN has 24/7 customer support that is ready to help with any issues.