Surfshark VPN is Used by Strictly Dumpling - Give it a Try Yourself

Mike Chen is a name that you must have heard if you are a true foodie or just love watching food videos online. Otherwise, you might have heard of Strictly Dumpling – one of his most successful channels of his. Today, the Youtuber shares his videos with over 4 million subscribers globally. Not only are his fans from all over the world but Mike himself tries out different world cuisines, documenting it all the time too.

As you see, Strictly Dumpling reviews dishes from anywhere in the world, making trips abroad a frequent occurrence. For such a reason, he has partnered with Surfshark VPN to bring the topic of accessible internet and cyber security closer to his fans. Still think that food and VPNs are a pretty unusual combo? Worry no more, as Mike has approximately 11 other Youtube channels – from science to culture, and many others. Turns out cyber security is one of his interests too, making this partnership of great value to his fans.

Strictly Dumpling Youtube Channel

How to Redeem the Surfshark VPN Coupon Code

Looking for the best ways to protect your data online and ensure privacy? Surfshark is here to help. A couple of easy steps and you will grant an 82% discount for a 24-month VPN subscription for yourself.

All you have to do is go to the website of Surfshark VPN or follow this link to guide you. The code will be already pre-entered automatically. If not, use the coupon sharkvbo and the discount will be activated. Continue with the registration and payment process and you’re set! Enjoy your Surfshark VPN and feel safer within the online community.

Why Should you Give Surfshark a Try

The VPN market might look crowded and confusing for someone who has never used a VPN before. Not so sure how to find the best match for yourself? Let’s look into Surfshark! Here are the main reasons as to why it is named to be one of the finest options out there.

Take care of your data by using the Surfshark Alert feature, developed to skim through online databases for data leaks. If your information appears to have been compromised in the past, Surfshark will always send over a real-time alert if similar cases repeat in the future. What is more, this VPN has a Killswitch feature. It ensures that the data is protected even when you disconnect from a VPN by accident by cutting the internet connection until you get back into Surfshark.

Accessing content, which may have been blocked in your country due to geo-restrictions or censorship is possible with Surfshark too. It allows users to change the IP address to the desired location – whether it is a specific country or just the fastest location. Surfhark’s Multi-hop servers lower the likelihood of being tracked, as it connects to a couple of different servers at the same time. 

Strict no-logs policy, unlimited device connections, 24/7 customer support service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Everything and more together with Surfshark VPN. Try it out today and experience the feeling of a safe online community!